Breeding, genetics development and management

As part of our service, we provide full support on low THC varietal selection and breeding targets. Our years of experience in hybrid breeding is the key factor that translates to our clients’ success. Our great understanding and expertise and experience in varietal selection and adaptability to different latitudes helps to reduce risk of crop failure and save huge upfront costs to growers.

Full Agronomy Support

We provide a full agronomic support package for growers to assist with decision-making for:

  • varietal selection
  • crop scheduling
  • field selection
  • field preparation
  • crop nutrition program design
  • planting techniques
  • irrigation
  • crop protection incorporating IPM strategies
  • harvesting
  • drying, post-harvest handling and storage

Seed services and certification

We also provide expertise from over a decade of experience in seed certification in accordance with rules of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) seed schemes for the varietal certification of seed. We can support your application to register your variety to be eligible for seed certification. Our qualified personnel can carry out in-field inspections and seed sampling in accordance with the ISTA techniques and assist you to obtain Orange International Certificate (OIC) and WAQIS accreditation for interstate transfer of seed.
Depending on your goal, we also provide technical expertise on seed regeneration and identification and certification of different classes of seeds: breeder’s seed, pre-basic seed, basic seed and certified seed.

Compliance Services

Hemp is a regulated crop, and the grower needs to hold all necessary state and/or federal licenses to grow hemp. In Australia, licences to grow hemp for food and fibre applications are administered by the various state Departments of Agriculture. For cultivating, and manufacturing cannabis for medicinal use, other licences from the Office of Drug Control and various state Departments of Health are required. We support your application to obtain any licences and permits and to comply with your licence requirements (e.g., record keeping requirements, crop THC% testing, and reporting). We have produced outstanding results for hemp growers over the last decade through engagement with professionals in the hemp industry and collaborative consultations.

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