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Our goal is to provide support to our clients by providing best genetics and agronomy support and to identify market opportunities to develop hemp-based products.

Our focus is on the development of hemp varieties suitable for grain and fibre production across a range of latitudes supplemented by full agronomy support during the growing season.


The experienced team at HempGenTech is innovative, forward thinking, and ambitious in achieving goals for our clients.

Dr Omid Ansari

Dr Ansari is a highly experienced agricultural expert with over 20 years of experience in genetics, plant breeding, and agronomy. He has worked in both academia and the commercial sector and has made significant contributions to hemp research and production. Dr Ansari obtained a BSc in Agronomy, an MSc in Breeding and Biometrical Genetics, and a PhD in Molecular Breeding and Genetics from the University of Sydney. He has held academic positions in Canada and the USA, where he conducted research on plant genetics and breeding. Dr Ansari has also worked in various research and development (R&D) and commercial management roles, including National Program Manager with Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC), Director of Agriculture Consulting, Head of R&D and Chief Breeder at Ecofibre, and CEO and Managing Director at HempGenTech. Most recently, Dr Ansari was the Head of R&D at Ecofibre Ltd, where he played a key role in building the company from an Australian start-up to a global leader in the hemp industry. Dr Ansari's expertise in genetics and plant breeding, combined with his commercial acumen, has earned him a reputation as one of the most accomplished executives in the industry. He will bring invaluable expertise to the development of new hemp varieties with improved characteristics and expand the industry's operations and reach into new markets.

Sepi Rad

Sepi Rad is a Technical Officer with experience in research and analysis related to products and services. In her current role at HempGenTech as Technical Research and Administrative Assistant, she conducts research, gathers and evaluates data, and organises research findings into reports and presentations. Sepi also collaborates with the technical team to provide support. Before joining HempGenTech, Sepi held positions as a Technical Field and Lab Officer at the University of Sydney and later at Ecofibre Ltd. She has a background in software development and database development, holding a BSc in these areas. Sepi's skills and experience make her a valuable asset to the team and will assist with the development of new hemp varieties and cultivation techniques. As a Technical Officer, Sepi also maintains the Germplasm database and ensures that all transactions are recorded accurately. She assists in the development and implementation of research projects and experiments, providing essential support to the technical team. Additionally, she manages and maintains databases and other company records and provides assistance with other tasks and projects as assigned by the CEO. Sepi's diverse skill set and experience make her an essential team member in the development and production of hemp products at HempGenTech.

At HempGenTech, we are supported by a network of experienced advisors with expertise across all aspects of hemp production.

Technical Advisors and Partners

Dr Jan J. Slaski

Dr Slaski is an accomplished researcher and renowned expert in hemp agronomy, currently working at InnoTech Alberta, Canada. His expertise lies in industrial hemp varieties and sustainable production practices. Dr Slaski has led research efforts to develop hemp varieties suitable for industries utilising fibre, grain, and cannabinoids. He has established a comprehensive program at InnoTech Alberta, providing solutions across breeding and agronomy, analysis and processing, and product development and evaluation domains from "Seed to Final Product." As a passionate advocate for the hemp industry, Dr Slaski speaks to national and international audiences and serves as a director for both the Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance and the Alberta Hemp Alliance. He obtained his B.Sc. and M.Sc. in agronomy from the Warsaw Agricultural University in Poland, and his PhD from the Plant Breeding and Acclimatisation Institute, also in Poland. Dr Slaski completed his postdoctoral studies at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. With his vast experience and knowledge in hemp agronomy, Dr Slaski will bring invaluable expertise to the HempGenTech team.

Peter Dal Santo

Peter Dal Santo's extensive experience and expertise in pest management make him an invaluable addition to the HempGenTech team. With over 30 years in the agricultural industry, he has held various roles in sales, marketing, research, and management for leading agrochemical companies in Australia and overseas. He holds a degree in Agricultural Science and has worked as a horticultural consultant, addressing pest management challenges for various industries. Peter's successful track record in pest management led to his contract with Horticulture Australia Ltd, where he helped horticultural industries access pesticides and manage their use. He also worked as a Pest Management Consultant for emerging agricultural industries, including industrial hemp, contracted by AgriFutures Australia. He continues to work with state institutions, consultants, agrochemical companies, and the APVMA to select pesticides with reduced risk, sound IPM profiles, and domestic and international market acceptance. Throughout his career, Peter has established strong working relationships with all horticulture stakeholders, including growers, retailers, government agencies, consultants, and overseas agricultural agencies. His vast knowledge and experience in pest management have made him an asset to the industry, and his expertise will undoubtedly benefit the HempGenTech team.

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